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Limusin chayka -


  • Rate from Monday to Thursday: 500 € 5 hours (100 km included);
  • Rate from Friday to Sunday: € 550 for 5 hours (100 km included).

The tariff is valid in Paris and the Paris region.

Exceeding the limits:

  • Each additional hour 90 €
  • Each additional € 2 Km
  • Wedding decorations machine 80 €.

Demandez et réserver par téléphone :
NICE   +33768000040 (VIBER)
E-mail: FranceTourPremium@gmail.com, Skype: babinskiy11

Photo Limusin chayka

Rent retro car in Nice - Limusin chayka

Legendary car GAZ-13. In original condition. Velor interior, wood trim. 4 persons plus two extra. In the Soviet Union, the old "The Seagull" with its wings was the street phenomenon, guests are not something of the past, not of the future, not that of some other measure. It was nothing more than a pretty picture, comfort and driveability which had time to evaluate the time in my life - the wedding - and that's not all. But the monotony of Soviet avtopotoka - it was a real dream on wheels ..